TF-305 Vegetable Cutting Machine

TF-305 Vegetable Cutting Machine

Model No.︰TF-305/306

Brand Name︰Tan Far

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


The multi-functional vegetable cutter can cut very kinds of vegetable into piece,strip or dice shape.

1.This multi-functional vegetable cutting machine can cut scallion, bamboo shoot,grlic,leek,celery,Chinese cabbage,fish,spinage,paste and melon etcin into strip shape. 

        2. This multi-functional vegetable cutter possesses the function of slicing and threading, such as potato, lotus root. 

        3.This multi-functional vegetable cutting machine also can cut kelp into square shape.

        4. This multi-fuctional vegetable cutter can also cut meat, such as barbecued pork, pig head pork, pig/cattle stomach.


1.The multi-functional vegetable cutter can cut every kinds of vegetable into flake,strip or dice shape easily.

2.The multi-functonal vegetable cutter is easy to operate and clean.

3.The vegetable cutter has compact structure and beautiful appearance.



Main technical parameters of the multi-functional vegetable cutter:


Horsepower:DC1HP   1/2HP

Weight: 60kg

Dimension:750×500×1000 mm

Length of cutting Size:0-60 mm



Main technical parameters of the multi-functional vegetable cutter:


Horsepower:DC2HP    1HP,  


Dimension:1020×760×1370 mm

Length of cutting Size:0-60 mm
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