Sushi Maker and packing Machine

Our Company supplying famous brands Sushi maker and packing machines.

(With Japanese famous Sushi machine Manufacturer second hand sushi machines) 

Dim Sum Machinery

Our company making many Dim Sum Food Products Machine.(ShaoMai, Dumpling......)

Fryer Rice and Noodle Machine

Our company making many Fryer Rice and noodle Products Machine.

Meat Processing Equipments

We supplying Desk-top Meat Cutter, Floor-Type Meat Cutter, Meat Strip Cutter, Meat Dicing Machine......

Vegetable Cutting、Washing&Peeling Equipments

We supplying many kinds of Vegetable Processing Machines.

Barbeque Machine 

We supplying many kinds of  Baking and Barbeque Machines.

Fish Processing Machine

We supplying many kinds of Fish processing Machines.

Noodle making machine

Eggs Processing Machine

Eggs knocker

Eggs breaking machine