Tan Far Machinery Co.,Ltd

Established in Hong Kong in 1979, Hong Kong Tan Far Engineering Co., Ltd. is a self-owned property with an area of ??3,500 square feet. It mainly manufactures, operates and represents advanced food machinery, packaging machinery and pharmaceutical machinery. Established long-term business contacts with more than 80 countries around the world.

       In early 1992, in order to cater to the needs of the Chinese market, we set up a factory in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province and established Zhaoqing Tianfa Machinery Co., Ltd., which produces meat machinery, vegetable machinery, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, barbecue machinery, Egg machinery, sushi machinery and many other types of machinery. The company has obtained related patents for its distinctive products:
Fully automatic rounding octopus burning machine Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0512648.9
Fish cutting machine Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0512581.9
Automatic fried rice machine Patent No.: ZL 2012 2 0334768.9
Automatic Frying Machine Patent No.: ZL 2013 2 0257367.2
Automatic cake baking machine Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0512593.1
Automatic shrimp dumpling machine Patent No.: ZL 2017 2 0380122.7
Automatic imitation hand bag dumpling machine Patent No.: ZL 2014 1 0303826.5
       The company acts as the agent for advanced food equipment and packaging equipment at home and abroad. Our company sells brand new and second-hand sushi equipment for more than 15 years, spread over 80 countries and regions, and is well received by many consumers.