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Review iPod Touch 6th Generation Gold Full Specs and Features

iPod Touch 6th – Review iPod Touch 6th Generation Gold Full Specs and Features –  Apple’s newest product, the iPod Touch 6th. Apple iPod 6th is the latest product from the previous generation of iPod Touch. iPod Touch 6th has better features than the previous version. In addition, iPod Touch 6th equipped with 3 storage capacity options, namely 16gb, 32GB and 64GB. With its large capacity, the iPod Touch 6th can store a lot of data, photos, songs, and video. In addition, iPod Touch 6th has five kinds of colors are attractive and modern.

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  • iPod Touch 6th is a product with high quality. iPod Touch 6th has a 4 “inch with technologically equipped retina display that makes the entire screen looks crisp, sharp and as real. In addition, iPod Touch 6th equipped with browsing activities, audio video, and games quality. iPod Touch 6th also have a chipset A8 which makes the performance 10x faster so that the activity of playing the game will be more fun. Then, Chipset A8 also made in terms of graphics look more vivid and real. iPod Touch 6th also have CPU performance 6x faster than iPod the previous generation. In addition, iPod Touch 6th has a large capacity battery that can play up to 40 hours of nonstop music and watch videos for up to 8 hours.

    iPod Touch 6th Full Features

    iPod Touch 6th

    iPod Touch 6th

    iPod Touch 6th is a modern product. This product is a development of the previous generation products. Here, we describe the benefits or advantages of various sectors of the iPod Touch 6th.

    1. Audio and Video

    In the audio sector video, iPod Touch 6th has many advantages. iPod Touch 6th equipped with audio frequency 20Hz – 20,000hz and can play the audio file types: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX +), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV.

    1. Model and Design

    iPod Touch 6th has a design that is not much change from the previous generation. This one product still using a 4-inch screen with typical arch apple products. In terms of the core part, carrying the iPod Touch 6th slim models with a variety of color options so that the iPod Touch is a product of 6th elegant and modern.

    1. Memory Capacity

    In addition to an elegant and modern design, the iPod Touch 6th also offers 4 types of memory capacity. iPod Touch 16gb presenting 6th, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB of memory capacity. Greater capacity, it will be many Keeps track, the image data even video.

    1. Operating System

    IPod touch 6th IOS 8 operating system called – touted as the best operating system in the world today. In addition, iPod Touch 6th with a variety of interesting features such as Sire, iTunes, etc.

    1. Connectivity

    With a large memory capacity, iPod Touch 6th also comes with applications to share files with friend or family. iPod Touch 6th equipped with the latest features of Bluetooth 4.1 to send and receive files very quickly, so it can save you time in submitting data.

    1. Kitchen Runway

    iPod Touch 6th equipped with highly qualified Kitchen runway. In this iPod, using the 10 x A8 chipset now significantly faster than the previous generation. iPod Touch 6th is the first to use the iPod A8 dual-core chipset.

    1. Camera

    iPod Touch 6th has the best camera ever on a iPod for this product. iPod Touch 6th uses 8 MP camera that can detect faces better. As well as simply tap to get the focus you want. 6th iPod Touch comes with a stunning panorama effect up to 43 MP. This one product, also has a geo tagging feature to mark the location and mode of succession to select your best images.

    1. Price IPod Touch 6th

    Apple is a manufacturer of high end gadgets for the class that is famous for quite high prices. But I think it is comparable to the quality of a given apple for its users. iPod Touch 6th has a modern design and quality. IPod Touch 6th below that I get from the average on websites selling online:

    • Type 16 GB: $199.00.
    • Type 32 GB: $249.00.
    • Type 64GB: $ 299.00.
    • Type 128GB: $ 399.00.

    iPod Touch 6th

    Here, we describe the full specifications of the iPod Touch 6th and the advantages and disadvantages of the latest products from Apple’s

    iPod Touch 6th Generation Specs

    Type Apple Ipod Touch 6th
    Colour gray, silver, red, yellow, Etc.
    Connectivity Wi‑Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

    Bluetooth 4.1

    Screen 4.0 inch
    Screen type Retina display. IPS Multy-touch
    Size (L x W x H cm) 12.44 x 5.92 x 0.9A
    Memory 16, 32, 64 dan 128 gb
    Resolution 1136 x 640 pixel
    O.S. IOS. 8
    Processor A8 Dual – Core
    Using the A8 chipset, which makes faster performance Can’not be inserted sim card
    Long battery life, play music up to 40 hours Only 518mb Ram
    The memory capacity up to 64GB
    Capable of 1080p HD video recording
    Already using IOS system. 8

    7 Reasons why you should buy an iPod Touch?

    1. kokeygadgets admit that the iPhone is one mobile phone is expensive. but you can feel the full range of features of the iphone, to the latest iPod Touch, priced at bandrol with about $ 299 to buy the 32GB version.
    2. iPod Touch is a solution for game lovers. IPhod have A5 processor that is refurbished and 7x so that the speed of the graphics than the previous generation iPod Touch can run any toughest game in the App Store (at least for now).
    3. Already There are more than 100,000 games on the App Store and more than 30% free. With a total of 30,000 games, If you want to download one game per day then it took 82 years to download all the free games! Fantastic! Existing game has a premium quality like Dead Trigger or Juggernaut future.
    4. Ipod using advanced 5MP iSight camera! merupkan latest iPod Touch with a camera the best iPod ever released.
    5. The new screen has a size of 4 Inch, had plenty of space to put the game interface, which means more room to see the graphic incredible iPod touch. Extraordinary!
    6. iPod Touch is the best mobile games in the world today, you’re not just buying a gadget with mobile gaming capabilities best in the world but you also buy all the capabilities of iOS 6 and the hundreds of thousands of apps in the AppStore. Any ability iOS 6 + App Store? Well almost everything you can imagine! With more than 700,000 Apps in the App Store then it seems there is nothing you can not do with your new iPod Touch.
    7. Air Play is a prime feature of this phone, I myself smenggunakan AirPlay when playing Street Fighter IV Volt in order to see the bigger picture on the TV. How? Are you interested? – Review iPod Touch 6th Generation Gold Full Specs and Features
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