Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs, Price, Features And Release Date - Spesifikasi dan Harga HP Terbaru 2017

Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs, Price, Features And Release Date

Nextbit Robin (2016) – Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs, Price, Features And Release Date – A company comes from San Francisco; United States of America released a new smart phone named Robin. This smart phone is based on Android from Nextbit. If you have a smart phone with unlimited storage, then present the most technologically advanced smart phone called Nextbit Robin. This smart phone is a super large storage capacity up to 100GB. This product comes with cloud computing technology where this smart phone works by optimizing cloud computing.

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    Nextbit Robin (2016) Specs and Features

    Robin Nextbit designed to study the habits of users will automatically move data and applications that have been used in a long time, then it will be a relief cloud storage on this product. You do not have to worry about the storage that is always full smart phone data, because this latest smart phone has a very large capacity.

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    Nextbit Robin will go on sale on 1 September 2016. This product has a super large storage capacity of up to 100 GB coming from cloud computing, where users can access all data, whether photos, video, and documents online. Here we review more deeply on this new product.

    Nextbit Robin Specs

    On the screen, Nextbit Robin will have a screen 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with full HD resolution (1080p) and equipped with Gorilla Glass 4. In addition, this smart phone will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor 808 coupled with 3 GB of RAM.

    On the camera, Nextbit Robin will have a 13 MP rear camera and front camera 5 MP with phase detection autofocus and dual-tone flash, dual front speakers, a fingerprint sensor. In addition, this product also comes with a battery capacity of 2680 mAh with fast charging capabilities.

    In the internal memory, Nextbit Robin is equipped with an internal memory which has a capacity of 32 GB which allows users to store large amounts of data without fear will disappear. In addition, this smart phone also has LTE and NFC technology

    Nextbit Robin Image picture

    Nextbit Robin also allows the users to delete data without leading to the file. Just as for example when you are recording with a very large size but its storage is full, then the shortcut will appear suggestion which files you want to delete without turning off the recording.

    Nextbit Robin is designed to act smart when you reach the limit of your local storage. This phone will also move your application that is rarely used, such as smart phones already in the Root. Applications that are not used will not take the data (as if it was removed) and will appear with the icon is grayed-out and will be active again exactly with previously if you touch it.

    On the processor, Nextbit Robin will run the latest Android 6.0 when launched Marshmallow, but also will come with a boot loader and open source driver opens and allows the user to install Cyanogens Mod or other ROM without voiding the warranty. For more details you can see specs below that have entered into the table:

    Nextbit Robin Specs and features

    The Full Specs of Nextbit Robin

    Operating System Android Marshmallow
    Internal Memory 32 GB
    Screen IPS 5 inch
    Resolusion Full HD 1080 pixel
    Processor Snapdragon 808
    RAM 3 GB
    Rear Camera 13 MP
    Front Camera 5 MP
    USB Port C
    Others ·         microSD,

    ·         Bluetooth 4.0,

    ·         NFC,

    ·         Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac,

    ·         LTE connectivity,

    ·         LED,

    ·         Finger Print,

    ·         Gorilla Glass 4

    Battery 2680 Mah
    Online Storage 100 GB

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Nextbit Robin

    The Advantages of Nextbit Robin The Disadvantages of Nextbit Robin
    1.      Its storage capacity of 100 GB.

    2.      Allow to delete the data without to file if while recording a video.

    3.      The price is affordable

    4.      Mobile cloud computing is equipped with an additional 32GB of storage and 100GB of memory cloud.

    5.      Every time you save the data on your phone, this smart phone will automatically bring it to the memory of the cloud. So, you will never lose your data

    1.      Battery capacity is rather small when compared to other quality smart phone.

    2.      The design is just standard.

    3.      The camera only has a small capacity of the rear 13 megapixel (MP), and a 5MP front camera.

    The Price of Nextbit Robin

    Nextbit Robin Image price

    Nextbit Robin has a very affordable price even though the product is equipped with quality specifications. This product is priced at $ 399.00,-.

    Thus is our Review of Nextbit Robin. Hopefully by reading this article you will be more stable choosing this product. Thank you for your visit.

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