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Free Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets Just Got Better

[ 1 ] August 30, 2009 |

These Fantasy Football cheat sheets could be printable, hence, we are posting here sample screenshots. If you have been playing Fantasy Football and cheat sheets are what you are after, then look at these data (in jpg format and get a glimpse of what’s in store for you owners/gamers. Why owners/gamers? Here’s a simple explanation from Wikipedia:

Fantasy football is a fantasy sports game in which participants (called “owners”) are arranged into a league. The person who creates the league is called the commissioner, and that person invites other owners into his/her league. Each team drafts or acquires via auction a team of real-life American football players and then scores points based on those players’ statistical on-the-field performances. A typical fantasy league will employ players from a single football league, such as the NFL or an NCAA division. Leagues can be arranged in which the winner is the team with the most total points at the end of the season, or in a head-to-head format (which mirrors the actual NFL) in which each team plays against a single opponent each week. At the end of the year, win-loss records determine league rankings or qualification into a playoff bracket. Most leagues set aside the last weeks of the regular season for their own playoffs. Just prior to the 2009 NFL season, Colin Cowherd of ESPN said “more than 27 million players play fantasy football. They spend an average of nine hours a week (during football season… playing fantasy football).”

Fantasy Football Cheat  Sheets 1

Fantasy Football Cheat  Sheets 2

In summary, you can customize your Fantasy Football games and you can even implement cheats, hence the need for cheat sheets. There are more free Fantasy Football cheat sheets online. Some are printable but some are not. Yahoo even has a subdomain where you can play Fantasy Football games for free. Under Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports subdomain, a section dedicated to Fantasy Football can be found. Head onto this link and check it out –

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