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Sylvania Pocket Camcorder Black Friday Deal: Sylvania Pocket DV-2100 Digital Camcorder On Its Lowest Price Ever!

[ 3 ] November 27, 2009 |

The Sylvania Pocket Camcorder DV-2100 is now one of the hottest 2009 Black Friday deals online. A brand new Sylvania DV-2100 Pocket Camcorder has a regular retail price of $143.00 and above. On’s regular days, they offer this Sylvania DV-2100 Digital Pocket Camcorder for $36.00. Today, we may acquire 1 DV-2100 Sylvania Pocket Camcorder for only $29.68 with $5.22 standard shipping and handling cost. Check out more details about this 2009 Black Friday Deal for a brand new Sylvania Pocket Camcorder (DV-2100) by QVC below. We will also check out fellow handy digital video camcorders or pocket camcorders for a comparison.

Sylvania DV-2100 Camcorder: Sylvania Pocket Camcorder with 2" LCD

Sylvania DV-2100 Camcorder: Sylvania Pocket Camcorder with 2" LCD

On QVC online store, 1 Sylvania Pocket Camcorder w/ 2″ LCD, 4x Digital Zoom & 3 Software (model DV-2100) is sold for less than $30 but this 2009 Black Friday deal is available today only. Tomorrow, the DV-2100 Sylvania Pocket Camcorder will be sold at its regular price. The deal includes the following items: Sylvania DV-2100 pocket cam, Arcsoft Software, USB Cable, A/V Cable and Greeting Card Factory Express/Morpheus Photo Animation Software.

Sylvania Pocket Camcorder DV-2100 w/ 2″ LCD, 4x Digital Zoom & 3 Software has a built-in USB arm. This compact digital camcorder was made to compete with other video cameras. In the line of HD pocket digital video cameras, Pure Digital Series of Camcorders such as Pure Digital Flip Ultra Series F260 Camcorder is presently dominating the market. Aside from Sylvania Pocket Camcorder (DV-2100), another competitor is the Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Video Camera.

Other info about the Sylvania DV-2100 Digital Pocket Video Camcorder will be provided in future articles. We will covering Sylvania Pocket Camcorder DV-2100 review, features and specifications. Stay tuned!

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  3. Larena Klahn says:

    I got this camera from shopnbc but there was no book for it. I cant get the card factory express 7.0 to work i have been trying to call them but they are to busy to talk then they hang up on you. please get back to me i payed to much money for this camera all most $80.00 for this. thank you

    Larena Klahn
    po box 114
    Forks wa. 98331