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MIO Energy Pro: Cheap Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Chest Strap Technical Specs and Sale Promo

[ 1 ] October 5, 2011 |

Conscious with your heart’s rate while doing exercise? The MIO Energy Pro Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Chest Strap technical specs are what you should be looking into. Why? 1 MIO Energy Pro 0042US-BLK Heart Rate Monitor Watch w/ Touch Sensors & Chest Strap is not only sold for a low price. Yup, this cheap electronic heart rate monitoring device has got some more to offer. It’s particularly within the league of Prevention Ultima Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (Prevention DS-2200PV Ultima Model) and the buyer favorite Pro-Form Strapless Heart Rate Monitor and Step Pro Pedometer. Price comparison yields that the Pro-Form is a bit cheaper but the price difference is insignificant in our opinion.

Mio Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review, Specs, Pricing DetailsFor this cheap heart rate monitor watch, you can buy this for a relatively low price of US$29.99 + $5 cost of shipping in the United States of America. is in charge of this cheap deal so get your credit cards and start placing your orders if you’re deeply in need of a cool gadget to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Watch: 10″ Adjustable polyurethane strap
  • Chest strap: 18″ adjustable polyurethane and elastic band
  • Battery type: Lithium Type CR2032 (in both the watch and chest strap)
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • Customizable with personal data to ensure accuracy
  • When continuous heart rate is needed during full stride or at full pedal, use it with the chest strap
  • Exercise and lap timers, alarm
  • To take your heart rate measurement during lighter exercise or at any other time of the day, use it without the strap
  • As a part of the new Smart Touch Series, the MIO Energy Pro integrates the latest in biometric technology into a sports and wellness watch
  • Energy Pro offers the ultimate choice between strapless and continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Smart Touch is heart smart; touch any part of the stainless steel sensor with any part of your hand for your on-demand heart rate
  • Visual display of percentage of maximum heart rate
  • Uses personalized data to help you reach your health and fitness goals
  • 3 default heart rate zone indicators with visual and audible alerts
  • Visual display of average and highest heart rate of total exercise
  • Visual display of calories and fat calories burned during exercise
  • Accessible battery hatch (small screwdriver required, not included)
  • Chest strap is compatible with non-coded Polar products

The calorie counter (or estimates) is an invaluable feature of MIO Energy Pro watch. For us, that is already a golden feature.

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