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Review of Energizer XP18000 Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger

[ 7 ] September 14, 2009 |

Our Energizer Universal 18000 mAh aka XP18000 Portable Battery Back and Charger review will lean towards the positive side. Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger has proven itself worthy of two thumbs up, IMHO. Other user reviews also gave this Energizer Universal 18000 mAh portable charger a good rating. We might like specific features about this portable battery back and charger but one thing’s certain – Energizer Universal XP18000 Portable Battery Back and Charger rocks!

Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger Review

Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger Review

First let’s discuss the functionality of Energizer Universal 18000 mAh aka XP18000 Portable Battery Back and Charger and why we’re giving it a good review. It is capable of charging many devices common these days like laptops, camcorders, etcetera. It can charge most portable devices used by regular folks like you and me on a daily. The capacity is really good – 18000 mAh – which is enough to fully charge and recharge most gadgets and gizmos we usually carry around inside and outside our homes. It’s lightweight and best of all, it works! Energizer XP18000 Universal Portable Battery Back and Charger with 18000 mAh is really an amazing product. The 18000 mAh capacity is very useful and dependable whenever you’ll need power to replenish lost battery power. It’s also cheap (see price in our last post) and a real bargain. Try to compute the total cost of owning several chargers for different gadgets and you’ll be amazed of the savings you’ll get if you buy 1 Energizer XP18000 Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger (brand new condition).

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  1. Sara says:

    I purchased the XP18000 for laptops (xpalpower) (price > $135) and it has been a total disappointment. All their documentation states ~6 hours XTRA laptop Time. I would have been happy if it worked for 4 hours but this product is a COMPLETE MISREPRESENTATION OF its capability. Using the XP18000 with a DELL Laptop D630 with minimal running on it provides me at best 1 hour of extra time. Completely useless on a long trip.

    For 2 years, I used an APC Universal Notebook Battery Model UPB70 and the only reason I did not buy a replacement APC product was because they did not offer tip replacements like XPal Power. I fly for business and having a second battery is important. I do not mind how expensive a battery is but I am weary of a company that does not plan to offer you new tips to accommodate new Laptop models (this is planned obsolescence). An unfortunate lesson learned for me when APC could not provide me with a tip for my new laptop. Reason for moving to xpalpower as a replacement to my existing APC. All reviews spoke highly of xpalpower.

    Buyers beware – If you purchase the xpalpower product make sure you can return it without a restocking fee – if it fails your test. In my case, I had to first wait 7 days to get a tip from the company to test it with my laptop and by the time I flew back home and tried to return it to Office Depo it was too late. MY recommendation is DO NOT BUY xpalpower battery backup products for laptops. They are very expensive for what you get out of them. TOTAL RIPOFF!

  2. Sandito says:

    It all depends on your computer, my fujitsu tablet tuns for 10 hours on a 9000maH charge, so I can get 20 more hours of battery life with this device if my laptop is doing nothing imporatant and the power settings are turned way down

  3. Simon says:

    I bought a XPAL 18000 and it does not charge my Dell Vostro 1015. My other laptop is a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad X61, and there was no tip for it in the initial pack, thus I am either going to order one and have it overnighted, or simply return this XPAL. So far I am not too impressed with this product, as it seems to be a hit or miss.

  4. nick chan says:

    many ppl are using it the wrong way. you use it to charge your laptop, say 30 minutes. then unplug the energizer. when it goes low again, plug it back in. don’t use it as main power source. use it to recharge your laptop battery.

    *slaps forehead*

  5. Robin says:

    I think these units are great for when you are out camping, on a fishing trip, hiking or any outdoor activities. Not only do they charge your notebook, but you can charge your notebook, cell phone, MP3 and other devices and even charge 3 at one time.

  6. zee oh six says:

    for sara,

    your Dell seems to require 90w according to the power supply. the APC UMB70 is capable of supplying up to 80w/90w peak.

    the XP18000 supplies up to 19v x 3.5a = 66.5w so the XP18000 won’t support your Dell.

  7. zee oh six says:

    if you are using a laptop you should remove the internal battery and have the xp18000 act as the primary power supply. you lose efficiency getting one high output battery charging another. do a search online to see if your laptop supports this.