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Sony Ericsson LiveView Bluetooth Android Phone or Tablet PC Remote on SALE

[ 1 ] February 23, 2012 |

The Sony Ericsson LiveView Wrist Watch-Like Remote for Android Devices is a very convenient accessory. This mini remote control connects to an Android smartphone, tablet PC, media player or eReader via Bluetooth. Just turn on the Bluetooth wireless connectivity of the device, pair it up with the remote then LiveView controls it.

Sony Ericsson LiveView Review and Price

Personalize your controls on LiveView and connect to other Smart Extras via LiveWare manager app downloadable from Android Market.

Sony Ericsson LiveView Bluetooth Android Remote is a wearable technology that provides extended view of the updates on your HTC Evo 4G Android Phone or any other Android smartphone.

With its wristband and clip, it can be worn like a wrist-watch. This one got physical controls and does not feature a touchscreen display which is practical for the clumsy type of people.

The only problem is that LiveView comes in an all-black finish plus a not so fashionable wrist strap that absorbs sweat then smells. A beef improved in the Sony SmartWatch remote control demoed at CES 2012 paired with the Sony Xperia S Android Smartphone.

Sony Ericsson LiveView Bluetooth Remote for Android Devices retails for $75 but since the SmartWatch debut it was reduced to a lower price ($50-$60 each).

At Expansys USA online store, buy 1 Sony Ericsson LiveView complete set for $29.99 only. The retail packaging of LiveView includes a clip, wristband, micro USB charger and User Guide.

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