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iTunes DJ: Create Dynamic Playlists Using iTunes DJ

[ 0 ] March 12, 2009 |

Apple stated that you can DJ a party with iTunes. This is in line with the recent release of the new iPod Shuffle in the market and iTunes 8.1 (free download now available). iTunes DJ or iTunes Party Shuffle allows you to create dynamic playlists of your own choice from your iTunes music library. How can you use iTunes Party Shuffle to DJ your music during parties or anytime you want? Simple. Just follow the simple steps given below:

DJ During Parties with iTunes Party Shuffle

DJ During Parties with iTunes Party Shuffle

How to Use the Party Shuffle playlist and be an iTunes DJ anytime

  • Select the Party Shuffle playlist in the Source list.
  • Select a playlist or your music library from the Source pop-up menu.
  • From the Display pop-up menus, choose the number of recently played songs and upcoming songs you want to display in the list of songs.
  • If you want to change the order of a song in the playlist, simply drag it to where you want it.
  • Highlight a song you don’t want played and then press the Delete key. Notice that the song is removed from the playlist and a new song is added to the bottom of the list.

There you go. DJ your way around with iTunes 8.1, the newest version of iTunes, along with iPod Shuffle.

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