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The authors of this site are computer geeks and well-trained professionals in the fields of programming and networking. This site (Kokey Gadgets) was primarily designed to inform readers of the latest and coolest gadgets like cell phones, laptops, HDTV, GPS devices, storage media, MP3 players, audio devices and many more. One of the owners of this site is also the owner of Technology Talks, a site where the focus is technology and internet news. This site and Technology Talks might have a similarity but Kokey Gadgets will focus more on gadgets.

You can reach the authors of this site through this email address: kokeygadgets(at)gmail(dot)com

Editors and/or Contributors:

Jessie Simbulan – The Man with a Plan. He started this site in January of 2009 and is one of the site administrators. He loves cell phones, laptops, MP3 Players and discusses a wide variety of topics ranging from science trivias to serious technology news.

Eric Nagal – The Windows guy. He is an owner of a computer center in Batac City, Ilocos Norte and is presently the IT Head of the City Government.

Jennifer Merano – The Nurse. A nurse by profession but loves blogging about technology and entertainment news which includes video games, video game cheats, walkthroughs and videos.

Allen Galapon – The Nerd. He also owns a computer center in Laoag City, Philippines but is passionate about online gaming. He is also a certified cell phone geek and an impulsive buyer.

Kathy Navarro or “KathyG” – The Businesswoman. She owns Infineon Technologies and Peripherals, the largest computer store in Ilocos Norte with a branch in Batac City, Ilocos Norte. She’s well-informed and knows a hell lot of gadgets. Thanks to her inventory we are always updated with tech stuff and products like USB drives, computer parts and peripherals and other computer accessories we love to write about.

For inquiries or comments about this site (content, loading and advertising), you may send us an email at the address given above.